Today we marked the table legs and the table itself.  We are going to cut the table legs and table by next week.


Table plan

This table consists of two levels. One display case on one level and another level for studying. This is the first level. The second level does not require much planning as it is more for users to display their stuff. Also, “staircase” refers to the two pieces of wood connecting the first level to the second. image Continue reading

Prototype 0.5

With the first prototype, Prototype 0.5, we will be able to accurately measure and implement the correct measurements for our Self Balancing Scooter. This Prototype will be made purely of wood, with no mechanisms, and will be on a smaller scale. This smaller prototype will be able to efficient in allowing us to measure without much wastage. We have decided that the height where the seat will be situated from the platform will be 18cm, the height where the handle will be situated from the platform will be 31.5cm, and the wheel will have a diameter of 12cm. With this prototype, we will be able to confirm the important lengths needed for the building of our Self Balancing Scooter

An introduction

We’re Stefanie, Bernice, Chantel and Wendi from Nanyang Girls High, S2-06. We are engaging on a Maker project where we will make a self-balancing scooter. This electronic scooter will include a seat, two wheels and a handle. For a visual picture, please refer to this link: