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Today, we sanded the wood for the dustbin and glued it together with wood glue.

We faced some difficulties due to the errors we made the previous week. The dustbin could not be joint up perfectly and due to the lack of time, we decided to fill up the gaps with glue instead.

From this event, we learnt that that accuracy is very important to ensure that everything fits into place in the end, so we need to be very detailed.

*Bernice went home early without valid reason and she only helped with assembling the pieces

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Big backing measurement:


Next Session (29/8)

Last session 😿

Finish up everything and assemble the pieces together to make the final product.



Today, we discussed on how to better support the table as we planned to add another shelf above it. We decided to add a backing to the table. We learnt many new skills today, such as using the pliers to get the nails out and how to use the jigsaw. We also measured and cut the wood for the dustbin that will be hanging from the side of the table (mainly for eraser dust/wrappers) for more convenience.

Measurements of the dustbin is 20cm x 15cm x 10cm

*Bernice left early today with no valid reason. She only did 1/2 of the measurements of the dustbin.

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Next lesson (22/8)

We are planning to carve out the details and attach the backing and other necessary details to the table next lesson 🙂


Work in Progress


Stef planning the details on the table top


Stef using the jigsaw to cut the wood 


Bernice using the drill (with the help of Mr Wayne 🙂 


Chantel and Wendi gluing the planks

From this week’s session (1/8)

We used some of the common tools in our table making such as clamps and a drill. We sanded and cut the planks for the legs last week, and we first glued them together with wood glue and then used clamps to clamp them down. After that, we used the drill to drill the nails in the wood to connect them together. (Tip we learn from Mr Shone: Hammer the nail in first a little to make it easier to drill later)

Plan for next session (15/8)

Finish the details on the table top (cutting and sawing) and attach the legs to the table

Also plan how to add the shelf and backing of the table 🙂