Monthly Archives: September 2016

The last day of school

Chantel, Stefanie and Wendi came down after school at around 1 to compete the project. We finished around 4.30. :))

We have finally completed the project! Whoop! We added the support for the table so that it would be more stable. We’ve also attached the shelf to the table. As a lot of nailing had to be done, we helped each other hold the pieces of wood up so we could drill the nails in.

However we did not manage to add on the indents in the table cos erm there was kinda no way according to Mr Wayne other then drolling through another piece of wood before placing it on the current table. We decided not to do that as we were afraid the table would be a bit too heavy. But overall, we are very satisfied with the table and the many skills that we’ve have learnt. Also, I think it was a very great experience working together as we don’t usually work together much in class. As such, even tHougang there was a lot of friction between us in the beginning, we managed to try to work together to complete the project.