Stefanie, Wendi and Bernice came down today to try to complete the project.

We have got the table up and standing, however, we realised that the table was a bit shaky. As such, Mr Wayne had suggested we add a few more wood pieces along the bottom of the table so that it would be more stable. We will be continuing this tomorrow.

What we did for the table today:

Bernice and Stefanie used the electric drill to nail the table legs to the table today. It was extremely frustrating because the angel at which we had to drill at was very awkward and the clamp was constantly getting in the way.

Stefanie has cut the big backing for the table today. As far as she knows, we have all the wood pieces and we just need to attach all of them together tomorrow.

We’ve also completed the dustbin today! We’ve managed to hook the dustbin onto the table, even though its quite crude looking.

What we need to do tomorrow:

  • attach wood pieces together to create the shelf
  • put the wood filler in the holes of the table so there’s no holes
  • add wood pieces to bottom of the table legs so that it’ll be more stable.

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